Brutal Attack on Woman Practicing Running: Victim Referred to Varanasi After Severe Assault


In a shocking incident, a 25-year-old woman named Champa Kumari, the daughter of Sudarshan Paswan residing in Visheshwar Dera, fell prey to a fatal attack while she was diligently practicing running. The incident occurred in the area between Bisheshar Dera and Jawahibhagda, within the jurisdiction of Chakki OP Thana. Champa Kumari had aspirations of joining the police force and was following her routine morning run when tragedy struck.

The Horrifying Attack

During her practice session, Champa Kumari was viciously attacked by a group of goons, resulting in severe injuries. While other women present at the scene tried to intervene, the assailants managed to flee before they could be apprehended.

Medical Attention and Referral

The injured woman was immediately taken to Sadar Hospital in Buxar for emergency medical treatment. Given the severity of her injuries, she was later referred to Varanasi’s Trauma Center for specialized care and better treatment options.

Fear Grips the Locals

The incident has sent shockwaves through the area, leaving the residents in a state of fear and unease. The brutal attack on an innocent woman has raised concerns about the safety and security of individuals, particularly women, who venture out for their daily activities.

Ongoing Investigation

As of now, no formal complaint has been lodged by the victim’s family with the authorities. Nevertheless, the local OP Thana in charge assured that a thorough investigation is underway to bring the perpetrators to justice and uncover the motive behind the attack.


The attack on Champa Kumari, while she was diligently pursuing her dream of joining the police force, is a distressing reminder of the need for enhanced safety measures in our communities. The incident has left the locals in a state of fear, urging the authorities to take swift action and ensure that such heinous acts do not recur. The priority remains to provide the victim with the best medical care and to bring the culprits to justice, restoring faith in the security and well-being of the citizens.

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