Tragic Incident: Child Drowns While Playing in River


A heart-wrenching incident occurred in Milkia village of the district where a child drowned in the Thora River while playing. The 8-year-old boy, Sachin, fondly known as Laddu, tragically slipped into the deep waters on Saturday and drowned. Despite the valiant efforts of local divers and villagers to rescue him, the child’s life could not be saved. His body was recovered from the river on Monday morning, near the nearby Haripur village.

Recovery of the Body

After two days of intense search and efforts by divers, the child’s body was discovered floating above the water due to bloating. It floated towards the Haripur village, where the locals retrieved it from the river. The police were alerted, and they took possession of the body for post-mortem examination.

Grief-Stricken Mother and Community

The sight of the child’s body brought immense grief to his mother and everyone present. Tears filled the eyes of those around as they witnessed the tragic loss of young Sachin.

Compensation and Post-Mortem

BDO Deepchand Joshi stated that compensation will be provided to the family in accordance with the rules after the post-mortem examination is conducted. Station head Amit Kumar confirmed that as soon as the body was retrieved from the river, it was taken into police possession and sent for post-mortem.


The untimely and tragic drowning of young Sachin serves as a somber reminder of the need for constant vigilance and safety measures, especially when children are playing near water bodies. The loss of a young life is a devastating event for the entire community, and support and empathy are crucial during such times. The authorities’ prompt response in recovering the body and initiating necessary procedures is essential in providing closure to the grieving family. May young Sachin’s soul rest in peace, and may the community come together to offer support to his bereaved loved ones.

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