Three Arrested with Counterfeit Notes Linked to Toxic Liquor Scandal

In a significant development, the Buxar Police apprehended three individuals found in possession of fake notes amounting to Rs 2 lakhs. During the investigation into the toxic liquor scandal, the police stumbled upon a counterfeit note gang led by Rajiv Ranjan.

The gang had managed to circulate some of these counterfeit notes in both Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Law enforcement officials were taken aback by the sophistication of the fake currency, as it bore holograms and watermarks akin to genuine currency notes, making detection only possible through machines.

According to Superintendent of Police Neeraj Kumar Singh, while probing the liquor scandal, the police received a tip-off about the existence of a counterfeit note gang. Acting on the information, a raid was conducted at Chakki OPi area, leading to the arrest of Ashok Kumar Pandey, Vivek Kumar Pandey, and Rajiv Ranjan Pathak. The trio was found in possession of counterfeit notes worth Rs 2,01,000.

During the interrogation, Rajiv Ranjan Pathak confessed to printing counterfeit notes worth Rs 18,000 even before the liquor scandal came to light. He further admitted to producing fake notes amounting to Rs 12,000 at a cannabis shop in Uttar Pradesh.

The counterfeit note gang had employed intricate methods to replicate genuine Rs 200, Rs 500, and Rs 2000 notes, raising concerns about the potential damage such counterfeit currency could cause to the economy and unsuspecting individuals.

Cracking Down on Counterfeit Currency

The arrest of these individuals involved in the circulation of counterfeit notes is a crucial step in curbing such illegal activities. Counterfeit currency not only undermines the stability of the financial system but also poses a serious threat to the public’s trust in the monetary system.

Law enforcement agencies, along with the public’s vigilance, play a vital role in detecting and preventing counterfeit currency from entering circulation. The police must continue their efforts to dismantle such counterfeit note gangs to safeguard the integrity of the currency and protect innocent citizens from falling victim to these fraudulent practices.


As the investigation into the toxic liquor scandal unfolds, the discovery of a counterfeit note gang adds another layer of complexity to the case. The arrest of three individuals involved in circulating fake currency serves as a warning to those who seek to undermine the nation’s monetary system.

The authorities must remain vigilant and resolute in their pursuit of justice, ensuring that counterfeit currency networks are dismantled, and those responsible are brought to justice. By doing so, we can reinforce trust in the currency and uphold the financial security of the nation.

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