Panchkosi Mela: A Sacred Fair from Hanuman Ji’s Abode with Delicious Prasad

Panchkosi Mela: A Fair that Starts from Hanuman Ji's Abode, Where People Get to Taste Delicious Prasad.

Panchkosi Mela, a revered fair, graces the city of Buxar, known as the city of Vishwamitra, with its divine significance. Legend has it that Lord Rama visited this sacred city to assist Maharishi Vishwamitra in conducting a successful yajna. Along the way, he vanquished demons like Tadaka and Subahu and established ashrams of sages up … Read more

Panchkoshi Mela: Lord Rama’s Sacred Feast of Litti-Chokha

Panchkoshi Mela: Lord Rama Feasts on Litti-Chokha in Every Home Today

Today marks the final day of the revered Panchkoshi Mela in the district. On this auspicious occasion, every household prepares and offers the traditional delicacy, Litti-Chokha. Rooted in the ancient legends of the Ramayana, this festival holds special significance as it is believed that Lord Rama himself was the first to be served with Litti-Chokha. … Read more

Si-Pi Milan Mahotsav Commences in the Sacred City of Kashi Vishwanath, Embracing Faith and Devotion

Si-Pi Milan Mahotsav Begins in the Holy City of Kashi Vishwanath with the Confluence of Faith and Devotion

Introduction The 52nd grand celebration of the Si-Pi Milan Mahotsav kicked off in the holy city of Kashi Vishwanath, Varanasi, near the campus of Sampurnanand Sanskrit University. The festival, spanning nine days, commenced with fervent devotion and a procession led by women, carrying the revered Shri Ramcharitmanas and the sacred Kalash. Festival Inauguration and Activities … Read more

Day Two of Sita Ram Vivah Mahotsav: The Rendition of Jay-Vijay Leela

Day Two of Sita Ram Vivah Mahotsav: The Rendition of Jay-Vijay Leela

Introduction The second day of the 52nd Sita-Piya Milan Mahotsav witnessed a captivating rendition of Prabhu Shri Ram’s avatar on his sacred land. Esteemed personalities, including Sant Nehanidhi Narayan Das Bhaktamali Mama Ji Maharaj’s first disciple, Shri Ramcharit Manas Das Ji Maharaj, Ramleela Vyasa Acharya Shri Narharidas Ji Maharaj, and the guidance of Siya Didi, … Read more