Pappu Yadav Reveals List of 10 Liquor Smugglers, Writes to CM for Investigation

In a tragic incident, six people lost their lives in the Amasari village after consuming toxic liquor. The post-mortem report confirmed that their deaths were a result of consuming the poisonous alcohol, prompting the state government to intensify its crackdown on bootlegging.

Jan Adhikar Party supremo, Pappu Yadav, took a stand and visited the families of the victims on Monday. During his visit, he released a list containing the names of 10 liquor smugglers, including several politicians. Yadav also forwarded this list to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Surprisingly, Pappu Yadav included his own name on the list, stating his involvement in the liquor trade within the district. He demanded an impartial investigation and called for the formation of a committee, with the Chief Minister’s involvement, to conduct the probe.

List of Liquor Smugglers Released by Pappu Yadav:

  1. Bigdail Singh, son of Late Hriday Singh – Gram Chaugai, Thana Murar, Buxar District
  2. Ritesh Singh, son of Late Pandey – Gram Beerpur, Thana Murar
  3. Loha Yadav, son of Guptaeshwar Singh – Gram Maseeha, Thana Murar
  4. Chintu Mukhiya of Amasari – Thana Murar
  5. Babloo Pathak – Gram Niwazipur, Thana Murar
  6. Aslam Miyan – Gram Chaugai, Thana Murar
  7. Prakash Kumar – Gram Nonia Dera, Thana Dumraon
  8. Veerendra Singh – Gram Jilhari, Thana Bhojpur
  9. Satish Singh, former Panchayat President – Gram Haryana, Thana Krishna Brahma
  10. Lattu Pandey – Pandey Thana Vasudev OPi

Pappu Yadav’s revelation has raised eyebrows and brought attention to the pressing issue of liquor smuggling. By publicly releasing the list and requesting a fair investigation, he has taken a significant step towards addressing the problem and ensuring accountability.

The Chief Minister’s response to Pappu Yadav’s letter and the subsequent actions taken will be closely monitored by the public, as they expect a thorough investigation into the matter. The incident has highlighted the need for stringent measures to curb illicit liquor trade and safeguard the well-being of the citizens.

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