Panchkosi Mela: A Sacred Fair from Hanuman Ji’s Abode with Delicious Prasad

Panchkosi Mela, a revered fair, graces the city of Buxar, known as the city of Vishwamitra, with its divine significance. Legend has it that Lord Rama visited this sacred city to assist Maharishi Vishwamitra in conducting a successful yajna. Along the way, he vanquished demons like Tadaka and Subahu and established ashrams of sages up to a distance of five kos from the city. The places where Lord Rama tasted prasad during his stay in these ashrams are still venerated and worshipped today.

The five-day-long Panchkosi Yatra, an iconic event for Buxar, commenced on Wednesday from its first stop in Ahirauli village. During this auspicious fair, devotees travel five kos and offer various types of prasad, preserving a cherished tradition that endures till the present day. The district administration ensures full security and management facilities at each stop along the yatra.

As per beliefs, after aiding Maharishi Vishwamitra in his yajna, the sages invited Lord Rama to their ashrams and extended their hospitality. Lord Rama graciously accepted their invitations and spent time with them, relishing prasad and seeking blessings.

In the Ramcharitmanas, Goswami Tulsidas beautifully narrated, “Tah puni kachhuk divas raghuraya, rahe keenha vipranh par daya, bhakti hetu bahu katha purana, kahe vipra jadyapi prabhu jana,” describing Lord Rama’s stay in the ashrams, where he received prasad and blessings from the venerable sages.

National Saint Shri Narayan Das Bhaktamali Upakhya Mamaji Maharaj eloquently expressed the significance of Panchkosi Parikrama, saying, “Aaye Raghunath, Vishwamitra Ji ke saath, kinhen muni gan sanath, apni abhay baanh chahan dai, asuranhi sanhare, yajna karaj samvare, swarath paramarth ko samyak nirvah dai, muni jan mili sare, Ram-Lakhan ko dularre, nij nij ashramani hankare, atithi ki salah dai. Prabhu ne swikare, sabki kutin mein padhare, nehinidhi hit Panchkosi Parikrama ki raah dai.”

Following this revered tradition, Buxar proudly hosts the Panchkosi Mela every year, a sacred event steeped in spirituality. The fair will continue till 28th November, with its first stop at Ahilya village, located one kos away from Charitravan in Buxar. Prior to embarking on the journey, pilgrims take a sacred dip in the holy Ganga at Ramrekha Ghat, accompanied by saints. The festivities commence with the puja of Goddess Ahilya, followed by the offering of Pua Pakwan prasad at the ashram of Gautam Rishi in Ahirauli.

Panchkosi Mela is a cherished and divine celebration that continues to uphold the rich cultural heritage and spiritual essence of the city of Buxar.

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