Future Maker Study Center Expands with New Branch in Dhanasoi


The Future Maker Study Center has taken a significant step forward by inaugurating another branch in Dhanasoi. The event was graced by Shivji Singh, representative of the joint panchayat, who addressed the students and emphasized the vital role of teachers in shaping the institution’s future.

Inauguration and Address to Students

The new branch of the Future Maker Study Center in Dhanasoi was inaugurated by Shivji Singh, representing the joint panchayat. In his address to the students, he urged the teachers to recognize the immense responsibility they hold in the institution, comparing it to a sacred temple where they play a pivotal role.

Shivji Singh emphasized that if the teachers fully comprehend their significance in molding young minds, many issues within the educational system can be resolved. Additionally, he appealed to parents to fulfill their responsibilities in supporting their children’s education.

Praise for the Institution

Shivji Singh also commended the Future Maker Study Center, expressing his belief that it will make a substantial contribution to the development and progress of the students in the Dhanasoi area. The new branch promises to be a beacon of education, offering opportunities for the future growth and success of the students it serves.

Presence of Distinguished Guests

The inauguration event saw the presence of esteemed guests, including Gudu Sir, Director of Coaching, Rajkumar, Director of Siddharth Computer Education Buxar, Tuntun Gupta, Deepak Sir, W, Shravan Kumar, Parmjit Sir, Abhishek Sir, Amit Sir, Neetu Singh, Ashutosh Pandey, Ajay Pandey, and many others.


The establishment of the new branch of the Future Maker Study Center in Dhanasoi is a significant step in expanding educational opportunities for the students in the area. With the support of dedicated teachers and engaged parents, the institution aims to create a nurturing and empowering environment for students to excel in their studies and pave the way for a bright and successful future. The presence of distinguished guests at the inauguration reflects the shared commitment to quality education and the growth of young minds in the region.

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