Former Chief Minister Kakhe Needs Urgent Treatment for Mental Health in Hospital

Former Bihar Chief Minister, Jeetan Ram Manjhi, has recently sparked controversy with his divisive statements targeting a specific caste. In response, the National President of Jan Shakti, Rabindra Singh Shahabadi, expressed concern over Manjhi’s mental state and urged the government to prioritize his urgent medical treatment.

Shahabadi remarked that Manjhi’s recent statements indicate a loss of mental balance and inappropriate behavior, warranting immediate attention and care. He suggested that Kakhe hospital in Ranchi would be a suitable facility for his treatment.

Highlighting the importance of preserving harmony in society, Shahabadi emphasized that any derogatory comments directed at any caste, including Brahmins, should be firmly opposed. Brahmins hold a significant place in Hindu society, and their contributions in various rituals and ceremonies are highly respected.

Moreover, Shahabadi criticized Manjhi for not prioritizing more pressing issues concerning the welfare of his own community. He urged the former Chief Minister to focus on securing the release of Chhabi Musahar, a resident of Bihar’s Buxar district currently imprisoned in Pakistan’s Karachi jail.

Leaders, especially those who have held positions of power, should exercise restraint in their public discourse and refrain from making divisive remarks that can potentially harm social harmony. Such behavior is unacceptable and only leads to division and unrest in society.

Additionally, the well-being and mental health of individuals, including public figures, must be treated with utmost importance. Seeking timely medical attention and support for those in need is essential to ensure a healthier and more inclusive society.

In conclusion, it is crucial for leaders to promote unity and respect for all communities, refraining from making derogatory statements that can harm social cohesion. Prioritizing the mental health of individuals and addressing their needs with compassion and understanding should be an integral part of our collective efforts towards a more harmonious society.

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