Former Chief Minister Burns Effigy in Protest Against Offensive Comments on Brahmins


In a highly charged response to offensive comments directed at Brahmins, former Bihar Chief Minister Jeetan Ram Manjhi resorted to burning an effigy at Brahmputra Chowk on Tuesday. The incident took place in Brahmpura, drawing a gathering of hundreds of young protesters who demanded Manjhi’s removal from the BJP due to his derogatory remarks against the Sanatan community.

Protesters Voice Their Concerns

Youth leader Satyanand Ojha spearheaded the protest and condemned Manjhi for not only insulting Brahmins but also the entire Sanatan community through his offensive language. Accusing Manjhi of using such remarks to further his political interests, Ojha stressed the need to oppose such divisive and separatist forces to maintain social harmony.

Ashwini Ojha, another participant in the protest, highlighted that Manjhi had previously referred to the savarna (upper-caste) community as foreign back in 2014. She underscored the importance of standing against any derogatory comments targeting specific castes or communities to prevent further anti-national activities.

Presence of Leaders at the Event

The effigy-burning event witnessed the presence of several prominent leaders, including Vivek Suryamani Ojha, Sumant Chaturvedi, Mukesh Pandey, Rudra Pandey, B.D. Pandey, Neetish Tiwari, Sachin Upadhyay, Vishal Tiwari, Bullet Ojha, Narayan Mishra, Chandan Ojha, Bittu Pandey, Roshan Ojha, and others.

Unearthing Caste-Based Issues

The act of burning an effigy by Manjhi brings to the forefront the deeply entrenched caste-based issues prevailing in Bihar. It emphasizes the urgency for leaders to refrain from making derogatory statements concerning any specific community or caste. Only through such restraint can we aspire to build a just and equitable society where the rights of every individual are upheld and respected.


The effigy-burning incident in response to offensive comments on Brahmins serves as a reminder of the significance of responsible leadership and the need to foster unity and understanding among diverse communities. Leaders must exercise caution with their words, and communities must work together to create a harmonious environment that promotes tolerance and inclusivity. By doing so, we can pave the way towards a more united and progressive society in Bihar and beyond.

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