Farmers’ Protests Cause Traffic Jams in Dumraon, Bihar


On Monday, the Jan Adhikar Party organized a protest in Dumraon, Bihar, aimed at addressing the concerns of farmers and advocating for various demands, including access to sufficient fertilizers and seeds, granting Bihar special state status, and ensuring adequate security for newly elected village representatives. The protest resulted in the blocking of the old Bhojpur NH84 road, leading to traffic jams, as the farmers and party workers sought to have their voices heard and their demands met.

Organizers and Demands

The demonstration was led by the National President of the Jan Adhikar Party, former MP Pappu Yadav, and the District President of Buxar, former assembly candidate Kanta Singh Yadav. They were joined by hundreds of supporters who gathered to voice their concerns and call for action on pressing issues.

Protest Actions

The protestors blocked the main NH84 highway in Ara, Bihar, shouting slogans and urging the government to take their demands seriously. They expressed their determination to fight relentlessly for the welfare of the poor and farmers, emphasizing that they would not back down until their grievances were addressed.

Presence of Party Leaders and Workers

Several party leaders and workers participated in the protest, including District President Jay Kumar Yadav, Dalit Wing District President Dr. Anil Kumar Paswan, Sunaina Devi, Sanjay Sharma, Jagjeevan Ram, Pramandal President Rambabu Yadav, Farmers’ Wing Leader Munna Pahalwan, Ramshwar Yadav, Chandrama Yadav, Kashi Yadav, Rajneekant Yadav, Munna Verma, Guddu Yadav, JDM Khan, and others.

Plight of Indian Farmers

The farmers’ protests in Dumraon shed light on the challenges faced by many Indian farmers who are struggling to make ends meet due to insufficient government support. The protestors’ demands emphasize the need for adequate resources and assistance to enable sustainable crop growth and ensure a decent livelihood for the farming community.

Government Response

It is vital for the government to pay attention to the concerns of the farmers and respond appropriately to their demands. Addressing these issues will pave the way for a brighter future for all, with improved agricultural practices and better living conditions for those dependent on farming for their sustenance.


The farmers and supporters of the Jan Adhikar Party have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to fighting for their rights and advocating for essential reforms. The traffic-jam-causing protest in Dumraon serves as a powerful message to the authorities, urging them to take prompt action to address the farmers’ grievances and support their livelihoods. By addressing these pressing issues, the government can contribute to a more prosperous and equitable future for farmers and the entire nation.

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