Seven Injured in Domestic Gas Cylinder Explosion During Cooking


A terrifying incident unfolded in Dullahpur village, located in Simari district, when a domestic gas cylinder exploded during the preparation of food, leading to devastating consequences. The explosion not only caused significant property damage, worth lakhs of rupees, but also left four individuals severely injured.

The Explosion and Property Damage

The peaceful ambiance of Dullahpur village was shattered as a domestic gas cylinder, while being used by Baban Yadav for cooking, suddenly exploded with a deafening noise. The explosion triggered a fierce fire that rapidly engulfed the entire house, resulting in extensive damage to the property and leaving chaos and panic in its wake.

Rescue Efforts and Injured Victims

Thanks to the quick response of neighboring people, those trapped inside the house were promptly rescued. The injured individuals, including Mamta Devi (wife of Sanjay Yadav), Sanjay Yadav (son of Mohan Yadav), Pawan Pandey (son of late Baliram Yadav), and Sugreev Pandey, were immediately rushed to the nearby primary healthcare center in Simari for immediate medical attention.

Referral to Buxar Hospital

Upon assessing the severity of the injuries, doctors at the primary healthcare center referred the four critically injured individuals to Buxar Hospital for specialized treatment and care.

Loss and Impact

The explosion not only caused severe injuries to four people but also resulted in the complete destruction of Baban’s house, causing a significant loss estimated to be worth lakhs of rupees. The incident has left the entire village in shock and distress.


The domestic gas cylinder explosion in Dullahpur village serves as a poignant reminder of the potential dangers posed by gas cylinders if not handled with utmost care. The incident has caused considerable damage to property and has left several individuals battling serious injuries. It emphasizes the importance of adhering to safety guidelines while using gas cylinders and the need for prompt medical attention during emergencies. The priority remains to provide the injured victims with the best medical care and support while also taking preventive measures to ensure such accidents are averted in the future.

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