Day Two of Sita Ram Vivah Mahotsav: The Rendition of Jay-Vijay Leela


The second day of the 52nd Sita-Piya Milan Mahotsav witnessed a captivating rendition of Prabhu Shri Ram’s avatar on his sacred land. Esteemed personalities, including Sant Nehanidhi Narayan Das Bhaktamali Mama Ji Maharaj’s first disciple, Shri Ramcharit Manas Das Ji Maharaj, Ramleela Vyasa Acharya Shri Narharidas Ji Maharaj, and the guidance of Siya Didi, graced the event. Shri Sant Prem Sarovar Barsana Dham’s Shri Ramraj Das Ji Maharaj also marked his presence at the auspicious occasion.

The Purpose of the Avatar

The avatar, within the context of the Jay-Vijay Leela, showcased the Lord’s manifestation on Earth for the welfare of humanity. In Vaikuntha, Lakshmi Devi, the consort of Shri Narayan, serves him devotedly by pressing his feet while he rests on Shesh Sayya. However, her desire to witness the Lord’s severity, in addition to his tenderness, leads to a divine play.

The Divine Play Unfolds

Upon learning of Lakshmi Ji’s thoughts, the Lord summons his dear associates, Jay and Vijay, and commands them to strike him with their maces. However, Jay and Vijay refuse to comply with his request, resulting in the Lord sending them back to their posts. Subsequently, the Lord summons Maya and instructs her to attract the Four Kumaras towards his doorkeepers using the dust from his feet.

Maya fulfills the Lord’s instructions, and the Four Kumaras are drawn towards the doorkeepers. However, Jay and Vijay prevent them from reaching Prabhu’s door, leading to the Four Kumaras cursing Jay and Vijay to be born as asuras for three lifetimes.

Redemption and Compassion

Realizing their mistake, Jay and Vijay experience remorse, and the Lord enlightens them about his divine plan. He assures them that they will be born thrice in the asura lineage, and he will descend to Earth four times to redeem them. In their first birth, Jay and Vijay will become Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha, with the Lord appearing as Narsimha and Varaha to confront them. In their second birth, they will become Ravana and Kumbhakarna, and the Lord will appear as Rama. Finally, in their third birth, they will become Kansa and Shishupala, with the Lord descending as Krishna. Thus, through this avatar, the Lord displays his boundless compassion and mercy.

The Artists and Media Collaborators

The program featured talented artists portraying various characters in the divine play. Notable participants included Vishnu Bhagwan-Kush, Lakshmi-Dileep, Jay-Lalji, Vijay-Saurabh, Prahlad-Priyanshu, Sanak-Priyanshu, Sannandan-Agastya, Sanatan-Sanidhya, Sanat Kumar-Pradumn, Brahma Bachaji, Indra-Pintoo, Narad-Shyam Prakash, and Manu-Namonarayan Singh. The event was graced by esteemed media collaborators, including Neetish Singh, Ravilal, Nand Bihari, Banke, Arvind, Ramu, Rajesh, Gopal Sharma, Rambachan, Animish, Saroj, Ramkrishnapal Singh, Jayashankar Tiwari, Ragini, Stuti, Kundan, and Shukla Ji.


The Sita Ram Vivah Mahotsav’s second day, featuring the Jay-Vijay Leela, showcased the Lord’s divine play and profound compassion. The presence of revered spiritual leaders and talented artists added to the grandeur of the event. The essence of the divine stories shared during the Mahotsav serves as a source of inspiration and devotion for the attendees. The continuation of such auspicious events fosters spiritual growth and strengthens the bond of love and devotion towards Prabhu Shri Ram and his divine play.

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