Congress MLA from Buxar Arrested in Support of Priyanka Gandhi

In a show of solidarity with the farmers’ protest against the Centre’s agricultural laws and in condemnation of the violence inflicted upon the farmers, Congress Party’s National General Secretary, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, was apprehended by the Uttar Pradesh police in Sitapur. Responding to her detention and alleged mistreatment, Congress workers, led by Sanjay Kumar Tiwari, also known as Munna Tiwari, the MLA from Buxar, were arrested in Boxer. Roshan Lal Bittu, the national secretary of the NSUI and Bihar in-charge, was also present during the incident and subsequently taken into custody.

Following his arrest, Sanjay Kumar Tiwari, alias Munna Tiwari, asserted that the recent incident was a deliberate attempt by the BJP to transform the peaceful farmers’ movement into a violent one. He claimed that their leader, Priyanka Gandhi, had visited to soothe the pain of the farmers, but instead of extending support to her cause, she was mistreated and arrested.

Congress MLA’s Stand for the Farmers

Sanjay Kumar Tiwari, being an influential Congress MLA from Buxar, has been an ardent supporter of the farmers’ cause. He believes that the new agricultural laws introduced by the Centre are detrimental to the interests of the farming community. Through his vocal opposition, he has sought to protect the rights and livelihoods of the farmers in his constituency and beyond.

Congress Workers Stand United

During the arrests of Sanjay Kumar Tiwari and other Congress workers, prominent leaders like Sneheshish Vardhan Pandey, Rahul Anand, Nisar Ahmad, Ravindra Kumar Ravi, Santosh Pandey, and NSUI leader Prashant Ojha were among the many present. The gathering comprised dozens of workers who were determined to support their leaders and express their solidarity with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s cause.

Voices from the Opposition

The BJP, on the other hand, maintains that the arrests were made in accordance with the law and order situation in the region. They assert that any form of violence during the farmers’ protest is not acceptable and must be dealt with firmly. The party believes that the new agricultural laws are a step towards the modernization and growth of the farming sector, and they condemn any actions that disrupt the peace and harmony of the nation.


The arrest of Congress MLA Sanjay Kumar Tiwari, alias Munna Tiwari, and other Congress workers in support of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra highlights the intensity of the ongoing farmers’ protest. The event has stirred up discussions on the rights of protestors, the government’s stance on the new agricultural laws, and the need for peaceful dialogue to resolve the issue.

In a democratic country like India, the right to peaceful protest is enshrined, and it is essential to find common ground where the interests of the farmers and the government align. As the nation moves forward, it is crucial for leaders to engage in constructive dialogues to address the concerns of all stakeholders and arrive at solutions that benefit the entire farming community.

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