Sharad Pawar’s 81st Birthday Celebrated as Farmers’ Day

During the joyous celebration, party leaders emphasized Sharad Pawar’s unwavering commitment to the development of farmers and his dedication to resolving their problems.

One of his remarkable contributions was doubling the support price of wheat, which played a crucial role in uplifting agriculture from its decline. His efforts to support farmers will forever be etched in their hearts.

Furthermore, Sharad Pawar not only waived off loans for farmers but also ensured that they had access to new loans whenever required. However, the introduction of the farm bills by the Central Government posed new challenges for the farmers.

In opposition to these bills, more than 700 farmers lost their lives during the ongoing protests. The absence of such difficulties would have been ensured if Sharad Pawar held the position of Agriculture Minister in the Central Government.

The event was presided over by District President Dr. Subhash Chandra Ojha, while Mo. Manzar Hussain led the proceedings. Various leaders, including the party’s State Vice-President Vinod Ojha, Special Officer Vishweshwar Pandey, Executive District President Ajay Gupta, Mahamantri Mithai Lal, Rakesh Pandey, Ankit Choubey, Munna Burma, Harishchandra Sharma, Kanhaiya Prasad, Dhanu, and many others, expressed their views during the event.

Sharad Pawar – A Champion for Farmers’ Rights

Sharad Pawar’s dedication to the welfare of farmers has made him a true champion for their rights. His vision and actions have brought positive changes to the agricultural sector, benefiting countless farmers across the nation.

With an illustrious political career, Sharad Pawar’s contributions in empowering farmers and ensuring their prosperity have been commendable. As we celebrate his 81st birthday as Farmers’ Day, let us remember and honor the immense impact he has had on the lives of those who toil tirelessly to feed the nation.

The Path Ahead

As the legacy of Sharad Pawar continues to inspire the nation, let us unite and work towards safeguarding the interests of farmers. Through dialogue, understanding, and collaborative efforts, we can create a better future for the farming community.

On this special occasion, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sharad Pawar for his invaluable contributions to agriculture and the well-being of farmers. Let us carry forward his vision and strive to build a more prosperous and equitable agricultural landscape for generations to come.

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