8-Year-Old Girl Suffers Serious Injuries After Collision with Minor Boy on Bike

In the 7th ward of the Mufassil Thana area, a distressing incident occurred when a minor boy riding a bike collided with an 8-year-old girl, resulting in severe injuries. The impact of the collision caused the girl to suffer a broken leg bone, and she was immediately taken to the hospital by her relatives for medical treatment.

The young girl, Prajna Kumari (8 years old), is the daughter of Akhileshwar Kumar Tiwari and resides in Chausa. On that fateful day, she had stepped out of her house for some errand when the unfortunate incident transpired.

Shashi Yadav, a 14-year-old boy and son of Bhuneshwar Yadav, was riding a bike and carelessly maneuvered through the traffic on the road, resulting in the collision with the girl.

The impact caused the girl to fall to the ground, and upon receiving the distressing news, her family promptly rushed her to the hospital for immediate medical attention. The doctors confirmed that she had sustained a broken leg bone due to the accident.

Such incidents of negligence on the roads, especially when it involves minors, are disheartening and highlight the need for heightened awareness of road safety. Parents play a crucial role in educating their children about traffic rules and the importance of wearing helmets while riding bikes or other vehicles.

In addition to parental guidance, strict enforcement of traffic regulations by the authorities can significantly contribute to preventing such accidents and protecting the well-being of young individuals on the roads.

Let us all collectively make a conscious effort to prioritize road safety and create a safer environment for everyone, especially our children, as they embark on their journeys outside their homes. By fostering a culture of responsible road usage and adherence to traffic rules, we can help prevent unfortunate incidents like these and ensure a secure and protected community for all.

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