401 Students Absent on the First Day of Intermediate Annual Exam 2022 in Buxar

On February 1, 2022, the Intermediate Annual Exam 2022 commenced in Buxar under the joint supervision of District Magistrate Aman Samir and Superintendent of Police Neeraj Kumar Singh. The authorities conducted inspections at various examination centers to ensure a smooth and secure environment for the students.

First Shift Examination Centers

In the first shift, inspections were carried out at MP High School Buxar, BB College Buxar, and Nehru Memorial College Buxar. Out of the total 7,224 registered students, a majority of 7,096 students were present for the exam, while 128 students were reported absent. Notably, no students were expelled during this shift.

Second Shift Examination Centers

In the second shift, inspections were conducted at DV Public School Itaunja Road Buxar, Government Basic School Buxar, and GD Mishra Higher Education Institute Lal Ganj Buxar. Out of the total 14,447 registered students, 14,174 students attended the exam, and 273 students were absent. Similar to the first shift, no students were expelled during this session.

Total Examination Centers

The Intermediate Annual Exam 2022 took place at a total of 28 examination centers across the Buxar district. The authorities ensured that proper arrangements were in place to facilitate a peaceful and fair examination process for all the students.


As the Intermediate Annual Exam 2022 began in Buxar, a considerable number of students were present to take the examination. However, it was noted that 401 students were absent on the first day. The authorities are committed to maintaining a conducive environment for the rest of the examination period to ensure that all students have a fair opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills.

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