Shock and Controversy: 12 Teachers Suspended, Including Retired and Deceased Ones


In a stunning twist of events, district authorities have suspended a total of twelve teachers, comprising both current and retired educators. What adds to the incredulity is the inclusion of one teacher who is already deceased.

The Investigation Unveiled

Back in 2016, a sudden inspection of schools in the district brought to light various deficiencies linked to nearly a dozen teachers. Consequently, an investigative committee was established to delve deep into the matter. However, bureaucratic delays hampered progress, leaving the case unresolved for a prolonged five-year period.

Recently, a complaint lodged in the district public grievance cell led to a comprehensive investigation. A three-member team, headed by the DCC and appointed on the orders of the commissioner, conducted the inquiry. This eventually resulted in disciplinary action being taken against all active and retired teachers involved in the case, raising serious concerns among those engaged in fraudulent activities with the DO office.

Exploiting Loopholes

During the initial inspection in 2016, the teachers in question were suspended. Despite this, some managed to exploit loopholes and present false documents, allowing them to retain their positions and continue receiving salaries and benefits. Shockingly, Uday Shankar Mishra, the then section in-charge, failed to issue the necessary suspension letters, even after receiving them from the DO office.

The Retired Teachers Under Suspicion

Four of the suspended teachers have already retired. This group includes Lalita Juit, the former principal of Adarsh Madhya Vidyalaya New Bazaar; Dularee Devi, the former headmistress of Anusuchit Jati Primary School Mathiya; Prabha Kumari, the former acting principal of Gaurishankar Madhya Vidyalaya; and Dheerendra Pratap Singh, the former acting principal of Bal Kusum Madhya Vidyalaya Buxar.

Taking Departmental Action

The DO office has taken steps to send a letter to the relevant department in Patna, urging them to initiate necessary departmental action against those teachers found guilty under Rule 43B of the Bihar Pension Rules.

The Active Service Teachers Under Scrutiny

The remaining seven teachers, still in active service, are Prabhawati Devi, an assistant teacher at Nehru Smarak Madhya Vidyalaya Siddhanath Ghat Anusuchit Jati Primary School Mathiya; Devanti Kumari, an assistant teacher at Vishwamitra Primary School Charitravan; Kumar Savitri, an assistant teacher at Amala Toli Primary School; Umesh Thakur, an assistant teacher at Narendra Dev Madhya Vidyalaya; Parvati Kumari, an assistant teacher at Kanya Primary School Bangali Tola; Kiran Kumar, an assistant teacher at Bal Kusum Madhya Vidyalaya Sampatti Primary School Amala Toli; and Sona Kumari Juit, an assistant teacher at Jawahar Madhya Vidyalaya Buxar.

Upholding Integrity and Transparency

The suspension of these teachers underscores the vital importance of upholding integrity and transparency in the education system. Ensuring the welfare of students and safeguarding the reputation of educational institutions remain paramount. Such actions send a strong message that fraudulent activities in the teaching profession will not be tolerated.


The suspension of twelve teachers, spanning both retired and deceased educators, has sent shockwaves through the district. The investigation, although delayed, ultimately revealed the truth and led to appropriate actions. This incident serves as a powerful reminder that maintaining honesty and accountability is crucial in preserving the sanctity of the education system.

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